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Sasha Maschenko is a singer-songwriter from South East London. Her writing style is a blend of pop, jazz and folk, refined through years spent busking on London’s streets and performing in jazz clubs.

Her music focuses on all aspects of adolescence in London, backed by a soft guitar accompaniment.



Bella is a singer/songwriter from Glasgow, currently based in London. Her jazz-influenced sound brings together lush textures, lofi production and catchy pop melodies. With her debut EP Playing Around, Bella is bringing a fresh sound to the jazz-pop landscape.



Soft vocals and a lot of heart. Xxjemilah’s original tunes are authentic, relatable and catchy. What fun!



Discipline. Focus. Stamina. Heart. Groove. Inchworm is a performer with soul. Introducing her debut album ‘The 2nd Marshmallow’ she invites you into her world. Expressing authenticity through powerful vocals and piano, Inchworm offers something distinctive and real.

Heavily influenced by Jazz, Blues and Funk, she fuses elements of a rich musical education with intuitive choices and natural style, expressing her musicality in an uncompromising way. Inchworm has evolved through two decades of experience spanning stage, studio, T.V and radio, and is a captivating live presence.



She’s a soulful creature with husky low tones and dreamy high notes. She has a unique musical aesthetic which creates a moody, magical atmosphere.

She manages to weave alternative rock tonalities into her tales of heartache and ascension, making her songs linger within your soul long after she’s left the room’

Dounia Rose


Dounia Rose is an independent singer-songwriter originally from Belgium. After 7 years living in Brighton, she decided to move to London last year. 

Open-hearted Pop Soul, that’s how she describes her songs. Her songs are born from poems, and her love for the piano is at the heart of her creative process. She uses this “magical instrument”, as she calls it, to transform her poems into melodies, and then into songs. Her songs are infused with a certain nostalgia, making each note and word resonate like a living memory. A bit like a journey through time.

She released her first single “Down To Memory Lane” a month ago, and will be releasing her first EP this year.


6th Mar 2024

The Spice of Life

6 Moor St, Soho
London, W1D 5NA

Doors: 19.00

Entry: Free

the acoustic sessions