Renee Rilexie

'Multi-disciplinary artist'

My work is inspired by sound frequency.  My sensitivity to sound led me to research and understand my synesthesia, this human condition and the function of the brain.

Noise frequency is very powerful, it heals and it hurts.  Music is healing, the tones, notes and frequencies can lift your soul, you inner-self into a higher plane.  It can elevate your spirit, mind and brainwaves to create magic and make you feel the heartbeat of the universe and energy within.

Then there is wireless frequency, unseen buzzing frequency which is equally powerful, it can affect the brainwaves causing ill health.

Managing sound frequency to bring a balance in my life is my constant .  Some days I’m floating with the stars as the frequency of nature blends with my inner sound of harmony and richness of spirit, then there are days when I just want to move and live in the mountains without any electronic devices or electricity.