'Speakeasy' showcase & open mic

Guest Artists

1 x 3 song set

Cristina Covone


Cristina is an Italian London based singer/songwriter with influences coming from the world of gospel, r&b, neosoul and jazz.
She is part of the LIGC gospel choir, lead vocal of funk and soul bands and very fascinated by vocal arrangement.

Cristina only recently started her journey into writing lyrics as a way to explore her creative and most vulnerable side.

She describes her words and sound as warm and soothing and hopes to record her work soon.

Noa Sabi


Noa Sabi is a singer-songwriter from Greater London. After publishing her first single Rescue in 2020, she went on to release eight further singles plus an EP (Field Experiments) and her latest release Come to Class has received positive reviews from independent music bloggers throughout europe. 

Now moving into her third year of official release, Noa aims to follow up her discography with live in-house and acoustic performances of these tracks across London and The North. 

Alice Comerford


Alice’s voice is intimate, soft and mesmerizingly captivating. Her vocal influences range from Etta James and Jorja Smith to Bruce Springsteen & Madonna. She can sing all kinds of genres. At the age of 20, she has been singing for half of her life. Currently in North London, she is building up material to elevate her career in the industry.

Alice loves telling an emotional story through song. With 9 years of onstage experience, Alice is always looking to
perform and connect with
new audiences. She relishes opportunities to share her love of singing and is excited to explore more of London’s music scene. Alice hopes to have an EP out by the end of the year.

Zoe Maia


Born and raised in North London, singer-songwriter Zoe Maia has a genre-fluid sound that falls somewhere between Indie Folk-Pop and Soulful Country-Blues. She began penning songs to intricate guitar melodies at an early age and has since developed a songwriting style that is influenced by the moving honesty of artists like Joni Mitchell and Taylor Swift.

In 2019, her debut EP ‘Life’ was released on all streaming platforms, proudly displaying a range of songs inspired by poignant emotional experiences.

Naomi Ost


Naomi Ost is a folk-pop artist and singer-songwriter based in london whose style is chilled and gentle and has been compared to artists like Joni Mitchell, Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish, and Gabrielle Aplin. Her vivid storytelling is illustrated by her unique soft and soothing vocals, with acoustic guitar.
Naomi comes from a family of musicians and she wrote her first song at 8 years old. As she matured she grew in to her own unique style of storytelling, and learned to use music as a way to process her thoughts and emotions. Her set list is made up of love songs, songs about self growth and hard times, a few covers, and what it’s like to be a creative person in this day and age.
Almost anything that happens to her ends up in a song and she hopes that people can come together, have a laugh and a few drinks, and maybe see themselves in the stories she tells. 


5th Oct 2022

The Spice of Life

6 Moor St, Soho
London, W1D 5NA

Doors: 19.00

Entry: Free

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