'Speakeasy' showcase & open mic

Guest Artists

1 x 3 song set

Charlie Southgate


“Charlie Southgate is a singer-songwriter based in London. A relative latecomer to the music scene, he first started to play in 2020 during the lockdown. He credits finding a new passion for guitar, writing, and performing with keeping him sane.

Charlie tries to tell you stories through his music which will make you think and feel. His music draws influence from a wide range of sources including alternative/indie, prog rock, and blues.

His debut EP came out in March and is available on spotify now.”

Kayla Grace


Leaving her hometown of Watford, UK to study music at ACM Guildford, 21 year old Kayla Grace has shared the most discombobulated university experience alongside millions of other people in their late teens over the past 18 months.

Since releasing her debut lockdown single ‘Bird in a Cage’, Kayla has since graduated from University and been collaborating with some of the UK’s most talented writers and producers. Now sitting on a body of work that reveals a balance of lighthearted, yet vulnerable sides to Kayla, people are quickly taking notice of her skill for writing relatable and sweet/sour songs that speak to her generation.

Oliver Anderson


Oliver Anderson is a 21 year old musician from London. Oliver has developed his music through years of performing on the street, which is emphasised by his rustic and soulful tone.

His acoustic/pop style is reminiscent of artists such as Damian Rice and Paolo Nutini, both of whom Oliver has named as influential, along with Hozier, Damian Marley and even Miley Cyrus.

After some battles with uncertainty and self doubt, Oliver spent the last year struggling with homelessness, living in his car for four months, in a tent for a week and sleeping on the street for what he describes as ‘the moment that changed everything’. Oliver decided that it was time to stop living like that, and so returned to the path of music with a hunger to perform, and that’s what he’s doing.

Fabia Anderson


Fabia Anderson is an emerging avant-pop singer-songwriter and pianist, described asĀ ‘mixing Regina, Antony, and Tori into something pretty otherworldly’.

A juxtaposition of classical training mixed with passion for progressive-rock and baroque-pop, Fabia’s eclectic musical upbringing formed the groundwork for a unique, distinctive sound with soaring vocals and percussive yet flowing piano. Her debut release is in the works.

Patrick Hinds

guitarist - songwriter

Patrick uses unusual techniques to create multi-part songs on acoustic guitar. He is inspired by guitarists like Andy Mckee, Mike Dawes and Eric Roche. Living in London his whole life, Patrick’s played in venues all over with other artists but has now started focusing on his solo stuff.


6th July 2022

The Spice of Life

6 Moor St, Soho
London, W1D 5NA

Doors: 19.00

Entry: Free

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