Speakeasy (open mic)

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Shannon is an independent female artist whose soulful vocals and tender lyrics capture all things heartfelt. Taking the lead with an acoustic guitar, she holds words that speak honest and true. The topics she covers sit between a personal diary entry and an intimate heart to heart with a trusted friend.

Using meaningful lyrics and drawing creative influences from artists within various genres the acoustic singer-songwriter from the Essex/London border released her first single in 2020 which debuted on BBC Radio Essex. The past year has seen her latest tracks feature multiple times on BBC Music Introducing in Essex. After having multiple air plays, an exclusive live session and interview for the BBC, Shannon finished off the year by being picked as one of The Best Sessions of 2021 alongside Dodie and Sam Ryder.

Shannon has been performing for over a decade and has a theatrical background. She grew up training to be a theatre performer at prestigious institutions such as The BRIT School and The University of Chichester Conservatoire. At only 24, Shannon has already put on a countless amount of shows touring the London circuit and has formed an incredible live soul band that occasionally supports her at bigger shows.

Fever Dream


A stranger in a foreign land singing and writing songs about love, heartbreak and melancholia influenced by the magical jazz ballads and soulful numbers of the old days.

Influences – Johnny mathis, Dean Martin, Jeff Buckley, Smokie Robinson Todd Rundgren, Freddie Mercury, Al Green 

Kat Kiley


Kat Kiley is a student at BIMM. Originally from the smallest state in the United States, she has been a songwriter for 5 years, and playing music in her hometown for 8 years. She grew up playing Dolly Parton, The Rolling Stones and Johnny cash and is excited to share her original music compositions.



Matu is a 25 year old singer songwriter from Patagonia, Argentina, he recently moved to London to pursue his career as a musician. His heartfelt folk songs are honest and warm, where he reflects on past experiences and talks about things that can be hard to share.

Benny Elom


Benny Elom is a singer/songwriter who favors contemporary R&B, Funk and Soulful sounds.

He made his recorded debut in 2020 with the song titled ‘We’ll be alright’.

Born in northern Italy (Lecco), a young Benny Elom Setordzi was artistically inclined, excelling in music, art and acting.

He learned how to play the guitar and various other instruments with the church choir and also studied classical music, and learned how to play the violin during his teenage years. Growing up in a religious household Benny had to listen to secular music in secret.

During his teenage years he started writing and listening to music inspired by artists such as Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye, Usher and other R&B artists.

He plans to release new music during 2022.

Speakeasy (open mic)

the acoustic sessions

2nd Feb 2022

The Spice of Life

6 Moor St, Soho
London, W1D 5NA

Doors: 19.00

Entry: Free