About Us

Different Planet (dp): art – culture – wellness network

Founded by Ri Iyovwaye and established in London during 2002, Different Planet (dp) is a cosmopolitan network for people who enjoy art, culture and wellness activities.

Through the activities we organise or attend, e.g. socials, gallery tours, live music gigs, literary events, board games, dance/ fitness sessions etc, (dp) has brought together nationals from over forty countries. We are secular and non partisan by nature.

After a lengthy hiatus events were resumed in September 2019

The network generally attracts professionals, artists, students and the genuinely open-minded.

(dp) places a great emphasis on providing a relaxed and informal atmosphere for people to engage and interact. It is free to join and most events take place in London. Applicants must be 18+. 

You are welcome to join us by signing up via the button below.